I'm Deb Ciamacca, a former Marine, Manufacturing Manager, and teacher. I am a leader with a lifetime of service who will bring common sense solutions to Harrisburg.

I'm Deb Ciamacca, a former Marine, Manufacturing Manager, and teacher. I am a leader with a lifetime of service who will bring common sense solutions to Harrisburg.

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Meet Deb

Deb Ciamacca is running for the State Legislature in the 168th district because she has spent her life serving her country and community and she wants to be a state representative who puts our community first. She has fought to keep guns out of our schools and to have fair representation through non-gerrymandered districts, and she wants to take that fight to Harrisburg as your State Representative. A Marine Corps Veteran and teacher, Deb believes our public officials should work together to solve the problems facing our community: creating a public education system for the 21st century, expanding access to affordable health care, and protecting our environment for future generations.

Deb is the only candidate with the experience to do just that. After attending, Penn State on an ROTC Scholarship, she served as an officer in the United States Marine Corps where she never asked if someone was a Republican or Democrat: just what is the mission and how do we get it done. After leaving the Marines, Deb worked in the private sector as a Manufacturing Manager at several businesses, returning to Pennsylvania to work at Neutronics, a family owned environmental and instrumentation company in Exton. As a Manufacturing Manager Deb led hundreds of employees and understands how local business and workers are affected by health care and the environment and the role they can play in solving those tough problems.

After her time in the private sector, Deb was called to serve her community again. She became a Social Studies teacher at Conestoga High School and taught government, economics, and world cultures to thousands of students. As an educator, she understands what our children need to succeed as adults and citizens in the 21st Century and how to fight for that in Harrisburg.

Deb believes in common sense solutions to the problems facing Pennsylvania. In her classroom she asked students to look for the solutions that unite us rather than the problems that divide us. She learned in both the Marine Corps and in the classroom that we can’t ignore the tough problems – we have to face them head on. Deb will work tirelessly to fix education funding so that every school works. Deb will take on the entrenched interests who believe that politicians should draw our district boundaries, not the people. She will fight to give every Pennsylvanian health care and to bring good jobs at good wages to the state.

Deb lives in Media with her husband Rich, a Navy submarine veteran. Her son Chris lives in Phoenixville with his two Corgi pups: Logan and Reinhardt.

Why I'm Running

I am running to be your state representative because I think Harrisburg needs new leadership and new ideas. I have always challenged the status quo and I will do so when I am elected.

We need to solve the big problems facing this state and this country. Why isn’t our state legislature leading the way to help business create new jobs for the commonwealth? Why isn’t Harrisburg figuring out a way to fully fund our schools and manage our state budget without bankrupting our citizens? Why isn’t cleaning up the environment a priority for every single county in the state? Why aren’t we doing more to make sure that health care is a right? Why aren’t we doing more to make sure that every single student is safe in school from guns and violence?

I have always told my students that government is not a spectator sport. It requires each of us to do our part to make things better, not stand on the outside and criticize. After the Parkland shooting last year, I realized that I needed to do more than ask my students to participate in government, I myself needed to get more involved. And so I am.

I am running to be your voice in Harrisburg. I will listen to you. I will talk to you. I will work 24/7 to be your advocate in the state legislature. And I will never, ever quit on you.

I believe that my lifetime of service to my country and my community will give me the ability to be an effective legislator and representative of you.

I ask you for your support. Together, we can make Pennsylvania a better place for all of us.