I'm Deb Ciamacca and these are some of the people I have standing behind me.

I'm Deb Ciamacca and these are some of the people I have standing behind me.


Representative Jenn O’Mara, Pennsylvania's 165th District

“We need people who are going to do everything we can to enact gun reform. We need people like Deb who are going to take their jobs seriously... and listen to real people... and care about real people. We need teachers voting on education and we need veterans voting on veteran’s issues. You’ve got to do everything you can to support Deb.”

Nancy Kleinberg, Founder of Indivisible Narberth and Beyond

“Deb has ticked off every box and I’m positive with your support and her amazing hard work that this will be one of the nine districts that we will flip in 2020.”

Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon, Pennsylvania's 5th District

"Deb has stepped up to answer the call to serve three times: as a Marine Corps Officer, as a teacher, and now as a candidate to be a State Representative. If the electoral gods were trying to design a perfect candidate it would be Deb: we’ve got public service, personal integrity, warmth, work ethic, and values."

Beth Gordon, US Naval Academy Class of 1980

“Deb Ciamacca is a true pioneer... who served her country at a time when many doors were closed to women. She broke glass ceilings and opened doors for the women who followed her.”

Jamie Perrapato, Founder of Turn PA Blue

“The thing that most impressed me about Deb is her hard work. She has great qualifications but that only gets you half way. Deb works really really hard for our county candidates and for you. And then she is going to take this seat... because she works so hard... and you are going to help her.”

Bill Clinton, Pennsylvania Democratic Committee

“You’ve got to be a candidate who works to help others. Deb has done that. She has worked really hard to help other candidates and to help the Democratic Party... [she has] a tremendous ability to connect with a broad range of people and I think that will serve [her] well as a representative of the people of this district.”


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